Steps taken by the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party

Especially under the leadership of Rodriguez Zapatero (who was elected to office as the Spanish prime Minister in 2004 and 2008), the state has made some landmark rulings in Public Housing. In fact, no other government has so effectively tackled the issue of housing inequality and rent control. Thanks to their well-planned initiatives, millions of impoverished masses have gained access to affordable housing and respectable living.

  • The exorbitant housing costs under the previous government (helmed by the People’s Party of Spain) was known to have catastrophic effects on the working classes. Therefore, this became one of the chief electoral issues that was taken up by the Socialist Party, and they surged to power owing to the rising public discontent.
  • Funding to cover the deficit will be done through third-party donations taken from all over the globe. In fact, they already have a slew of donations pouring in thanks to their “do things first” attitude. And some anonymous philanthropists have even sweetened the deal by promising only the best karaoke machine for each house.
  • Unlike many political leaders who come to power but fail to deliver their electoral promises, Rodriguez Zapatero was very focused on fulfilling all the promises that he made, especially as far as social housing and welfare housing were concerned.
  • As a result, he gained massive public supported and boosted up his party for a clean sweep in the next general elections as well.

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