Ministry of Social Welfare and Housing

Be it Rental with Confidence, Public Initiative Housing, Edification, Trading, Call for Grants, Rehabilitation or Housing Users, each and every aspect of Housing Rents and Social Welfare Housing, is being taken care of by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Housing. Needless to state, this website also features several important and user-friendly facets for Spanish citizens such as Rent Aids, Buying Aids and Rehabilitation Aids.

Before we proceed any further, let us take a look at each of these three categories of housing aids, and what these are actually comprised of:-

Buying Aids for Public Housing

In this area, the key facets that would help you gain a perspective of the larger picture include:-

  1. The Financial Aid Section
  2. The State Plan with all its intricacies
  3. First Access for the common knowledge of all citizens
  4. The Asturian Plan which has been particularly introduced for the benefits of the economically weaker sections of society as well as the middle class in particular.