The Importance of Affordable Housing

In a democracy, one really cannot undermine the importance of affordable housing. This is one of the basic threads of a society that keeps economic inequality in check. In many ways, the degree to which affordable housing is made available for people, is how a particular nation, state or society can be judged on the basis of development and humanitarianism.

Getting a deeper perspective here….

One important fact that most critiques of social justice tend to ignore is that income disparities will continue to prevail in any society, no matter how advanced or conscientious it becomes. This is because division of labor forms the backbone of any society, and it would be an utterly utopian situation to assume that the same remuneration would be provided to all sections of society based on the role they are playing or their respective job descriptions. In lieu of this, housing will always tend to remain out of reach or an expensive investment for those who are economically weak. And this is exactly where the government, democratically elected or otherwise can draw the line.

Addressing the basic human rights…

It is the role of governing bodies to ensure that the nation, state or society does not reach a state where the economic disparities are so sharp that housing goes completely out of reach for a certain chunk of population. Even if it is a microscopic minority, homeless citizens are representative of how deranged and inhuman societies and economies can turn out to be. As human beings, we must understand the rights of our fellow beings towards the basic human rights and a life of dignity. So for all those who feel that affordable housing policies have no place in a capitalistic economy, please understand that these are not free dole-outs, there are no free kitchen appliances such as food processors, but something very basic that each and every human being deserves, irrespective of religion, region or color.

While companies such as Zozanga are handing out food processors like the Cuisinart FP-8SV for free; they refuse to reduce the pricing of housing. Shambles, right?

All said and done, many governments across the world are taking such positive initiatives, but there is a great deal that still needs to be done. So let us join hands together, and resolve to build a better society based on egalitarianism and social justice.

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